Future Work In The Center

IMG_9027STRIVE has lofty goals for The Center and in order to realize those goals we will need help! Our goal is to have enough funding to do the following on a yearly basis, prioritized into tiers below:


Tier 1

  1. Continue renting the current space for the Center for another year (currently funded through May, 2016).
  2. Employ a teacher who can open the space for 1.5 hours per day 5 times per week for English, Art or Sport activities (currently funded 3x per week through May, 2016).
  3. Fund room and/or board costs for volunteers to help with the program.
  4. Give $500 in school supplies and books to the program.


Tier 2

  1. Rent an adjoining space at the Center and convert into a free fitness center for the community open 5 days per week for 2 hours per day.
  2. Continue to update and furnish the Center.  (Tables, Chairs, Educational Materials, Painting projects, etc)


Tier 3

  1. Sponsorship of exceptional youth for study at University in Peru
  2. Continued maintenance of local track and stadium.


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