STRIVE College Intern Program

Each year, we are astounded by how many great applicants we get from college students, but unfortunately, we have a very limited number of staffing positions.  We thought: “How can we get these great applicants involved?” and we came up with the STRIVE College Intern Program (SCIP).


In Summer of 2017, we will be accepting applications for the SCIP in Peru for the fifth summer and – following a successful and popular initial program last year – we will also be accepting applications for the SCIP in Kenya. We are extremely excited to see our interns continue to help STRIVE grow in both Peru and Kenya!


The SCIP is designed specifically for college athletes who want to: get in a great summer of training at altitude without sacrificing a summer internship, go abroad and explore a new and exciting place without missing a season during the school year, and do real, meaningful service work.


Acceptance into the SCIP and to which program an applicant is assigned are based on the skills that each applicant can offer and what he or she is looking to gain from the program. SCIP programs are divided primarily into two separate categories: mentorship programs and developmental programs.


Mentorship programs will feature an emphasis on interacting with STRIVE high school students.


Developmental programs will focus on educational development in leadership, athletic training, coaching, and service of each SCIP participant, individually, and will not have interaction with high school students. These programs allow for more focus on one’s own training.


All programs will feature an emphasis on meaningful service in person-to-person education projects and/or physical projects to benefit the local community in which the program is based, in addition to the opportunity to train at a high level at altitude.


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