Peru Visa and Passport Information

The passport is your most basic travel document and form of identification. If you don’t have one, apply for one several months in advance of your planned departure. If you have one, make sure that it is valid for 6 months beyond the end date of your trip. U.S. citizens most frequently apply for a passport at a post office, however, you can also apply with US passport agencies in major cities, and many Federal and State courthouses.

Expect a minimum of a two week turnaround on a new passport application and apply with plenty of time to spare.  It is possible to expedite the service but it’s costly.  Better to just plan ahead and be prepared.

Always carry a few copies of your passport with you when traveling.  If your passport is lost or stolen this will make it much easier to procure a new one.

A visa is a stamp in your passport that allows you entry into a foreign country. Thankfully, in Peru, Americans are granted a free visa on-arrival for up to 90 days. You will likely be asked how long your stay will be in Peru and the visa given will reflect your answer. Make sure the number on your visa is at least the amount of days you plan to stay in Peru or you’ll have to pay a fee upon leaving the country. The agent will also give you back the bottom of the immigration form that you filled out on the plane. Do NOT lose this as you will need it to exit the country.

If you’re coming to STRIVE from a country other than the USA, please contact us to inquire about specifics of your situation.