SCIP Meals and Nutrition

STRIVE College Internship Program – Peru

As an intern, you will receive a weekly cash stipend for your food. This is easily enough money to eat three hearty meals per day from cooking or eating at local restaurants. If you want snacks or drinks (other than water) those will be extra, though if you budget smartly, you will easily be able to afford some of those things. If you want to eat more “touristy” or “American” food (think: pizza and burgers), it will not be enough money to fill you up, especially if you are running 70+ miles per week.

Interns often have breakfast in the market or cooked in the hostel (eggs, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, cereal, etc.), lunch somewhere local in town (a typical “menu” with soup and entree), and have a home-cooked dinner with the group together at the home-base. Interns will receive a training module on food budgeting during their first week in Pisac and by the end of this training everyone should be professionals in navigating the meals of Pisac. If you take this budgeting course to heart, it should leave you with extra money each day, allowing you to “splurge” sometimes for a “touristy” dinner, snacks, or dessert!

STRIVE College Internship Program – Kenya

As an intern in Kenya, you will be eating three meals per day at the beautiful HATC with food locally sourced and prepared fresh by a Kenyan chef. The type of food will vary but expect a healthy amount or rice, veggies and fruit. There is typically a soup/salad bar at each meal along with a main dish and there are often second helpings available. A staple food of Kenya which you’ll try is called Ugale, a dense filler somewhere in between bread and rice.

This will be enough food to fill you up at meals but it will may not be enough if you are planning on running 70+ miles per week. If you are running that much, you should expect to supplement with some snacks from town but you will be getting plenty of food during the standard 3 meals per day.


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