STRIVE Athletics Core Values

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  • High-quality instruction and coaching

    STRIVE has hand-picked a team of some of the most well-respected and experienced coaches in the region. STRIVE Coaches come with a wealth of experience from years of coaching at various levels – from high school to professional.

  • Individual attention and encouragement

    STRIVE believes in treating each athlete equal, regardless of the athlete’s current level, but with a focus on his or her own improvement.

  • Knowledgeable, long-term training

    STRIVE’s training philosophy emphasizes healthy, long-term development of athletic potential through continuous development of each athlete’s understanding of his or her own needs.

  • Open and transparent training

    STRIVE does not harbor secret workouts or training routines. Instead, we want our student-athletes to share our activities and programs  with friends or teammates and are happy to see them adapted by school teams and coaches

  • Meaningful service opportunities

    Community service, informed philanthropy, and selflessness are critical foundations of the STRIVE mission. STRIVE athletes will take part in various service projects in both their local community and to support STRIVE’s projects abroad.

  • Collaborative approach to training

    STRIVE fosters a collaborative approach to training that encourages athletes to share training plans, including specific workouts, drills, strength circuits, and supplemental core strength development with their scholastic coaches. STRIVE is happy to communicate with an individual’s scholastic coach to work in conjunction with each student’s specific needs. We hope to always work as an additional resource for high school students and never in opposition or competition with high school coaches.