STRIVE Promotional Ideas

Since STRIVE was founded, we’ve found that word-of-mouth publicity has been the best way of getting our name out. With that in mind, we know that our staff, interns, and alums are always going to be our best spokespeople.

So, we want to motivate all of the people in the STRIVE family to go out and spread our name. To do that, we’re offering $100 for every HS STRIVEr that signs up and lists YOU as a referral. That’s right – $100 for EVERY student! The more students you get, the more you can earn, the more STRIVE grows, the more amazing work we can do every summer. It’s a win-win-win-win…!

To give you some ideas of how to get started, we’ve seen a lot of success from:

1. Personal conversations – Know someone who’d be perfect for STRIVE? The best way to bring someone into the STRIVE family is a personal connection. Send a message, give a call, or meet for coffee and tell them about your STRIVE experience and why you think it might be a good fit for them!

2. In-person visits to schools/practices – Visiting a team with which you have some kind of connection (maybe your old HS team if you’re a graduate) and talking for a few minutes before practice about STRIVE. Giving out stickers, water bottles, and brochures is a great way to make the idea stick!

3. Going to a sporting event – Visiting an sporting event/competition, particularly a high school competition, is a great way to meet potential STRIVE students and parents. Wear your STRIVE shirt, bring lots of brochures or other giveaways, and introduce yourself and the program!

4. Hosting an event – Hosting something at your school or your parents’ home is a great way to bring together prospective students and parents.

5. Social media – Follow STRIVE on twitter/Facebook/Instagram? Make sure to share, comment, re-tweet, what-have-you. Also, feel free to share your own articles, comments, links and tag STRIVE or use the #striveperu or #strivekenya hashtags.


These are just a few ideas to get you started. We’re open to pretty much anything that gets the name out there!

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We’re happy to entertain any ideas and we’ll gladly ship you some promotional materials if you want any!