This weekend was incredibly fun! We had a blast partaking in new adventures, including hot springs, Peruvian soccer, and shopping in Cusco! On Saturday, we took a break from our service activities to road trip to the hot springs in Lares. The views on the way there were spectacular! Look at the mountain pass: The […]

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In contrast to the previous weeks that we have enjoyed in Pisac, this past week was filled with more structure as we welcomed the high-schoolers into our routines with open arms – both in the classrooms and on the (dirt) roads! We greeted Rachel, one of the high-schoolers, upon her arrival in Pisac on Wednesday. […]

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New Arrivals (Week 6, part 1; Linds & Mel)

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During the last five weeks here in Pisaq, the interns have constructed a routine of: volunteer, train, eat, sleep, and repeat. While we have enjoyed the relaxation and comfort of a consistent routine, we were excited for all of the changes to come. For starters, on Thursday night, Melanie arrived in Pisaq after spending a […]

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Spanish Immersion

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Last week 5 of us (Paul, Sarah, Catriona, Lindsay, and Tyler) left Pisaq for Ollantaytambo for 6 days of Spanish immersion. We all had different Home Stays and different Spanish teachers. Tyler lived in a hostel and coordinated runs. Every day we had three home cooked meals with our host families, two Spanish lessons, and […]

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Week 5: The Calm Before the Storm

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Tuesday marked exactly one month since we arrived in Pisac. Just as we have started to develop consistent daily and weekly routines, we now find ourselves in a time of transitions. On Tuesday morning, half of our intern group plus Tyler left for the Spanish Immersion Program in Ollantaytambo. Paul, Lindsay, Sarah, and Catriona will […]

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Week 4- Waterfall and beyond

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We woke up to some familiar Scottish weather on Thursday. It was what we would call ‘dreich’ in Scotland; cloudy, grey, drizzly and cold. We were in full swing with teaching this week. However, on Friday, whilst Scott, Sarah and Kate were teaching, every class apart from the one that we were teaching abandoned ship […]

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7/8/16, by Owen

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It’s been a very exciting week so far for the STRIVE Kenya gang. After the typical morning run on Monday, the tippy tap groups reconvened in order to finish the preparations for construction. Group 2 was finally able to locate a gravel vendor, supplies were delivered to the HATC, and another group purchased shovels in […]

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Week 4: 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July! As Scots, we experienced our first celebration of American independence day in Monday! The day started as normal day in the life of a college intern in Pisaq. Morning runs at 7, followed by teaching at both Tambo and Divino, the local schools. We taught a new class at Divino. This […]

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