What Parents Say

Below you’ll find some thoughts from a few of our parents over the years.  We believe in putting together an experience that is successful for both the parent and the participant and we put a lot of pride in being able to do just that.  We have many parents of alums who are more than willing to talk to prospective parents about the program and what to expect.  Just send us an email and we’ll put you in touch with someone who probably had the exact same questions!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for coordinating such an amazing program. Evan has talked so much about all the aspects of it – from putting his summer painting job skills to use, to how hard it is to actually teach and maintain control of a classroom, and how fit he feels. Speaking Spanish and moving about the towns on his own was great for him. We cannot wait for our other son Josh to be a bit older so he can do this program as well. Please me know if there is anything we can do for you all – we will certainly promote this program to our friends on both coasts!
Lisa, Parent, STRIVE-Peru 2013


Noah is back home, safe and sound and about as happy with the trip as is humanly possible! Fabulous experience all around. I know that Noah’s already talking about Kenya for next summer.
Karyn, Parent STRIVE-Peru 2013, STRIVE-Kenya 2014, STRIVE-Peru 2015


“The STRIVE-Kenya program was exceptional. Aaron had the best experience of his life, having the opportunity to visit an area that he always dreamed of, train in the midst of world class runners, and feel welcomed in the local community — a community that he was able to contribute to through the meaningful service work. He made many strong friendships, both with fellow STRIVE participants and locals. We would recommend the trip to anyone who wants to do meaningful service work and train in an amazing environment!” – Parent, STRIVE-Kenya 2014


“My daughter was affected in the most positive way on her STRIVE trip.  She rose to the challenge of participating in activities despite an injury, learning about a different culture, meeting new people, and giving back to the community.  She learned more in a summer about herself then she did in the classroom at home.  I highly recommend this trip to anyone!” – Jill, Parent STRIVE-Peru 2013

“Sophia had a great experience at STRIVE and felt the program was very well organized, fun, and provided a great service experience at the school as well as a wonderful cultural exchange opportunity. And of course the running at altitude was her highlight!” – Parent, STRIVE-Peru 2015


“I would definitely recommend STRIVE to another family. I am so disappointed that I sent Griffin to Peru on another travel program before I had heard of your program. There was too much overlap in where you visit to send Griffin back there. Or else he would have done your program two years in a row!” – Brett, Parent, STRIVE-Kenya 2014


“My daughter has taken two STRIVE trips.  Her first summer she went to Iten, Kenya.  She had such a positive experience her first summer that she convinced me to permit her to take the Peru trip the following summer.

The STRIVE trips are wonderful in many respects.  Most importantly–they gave my daughter a glimpse of the conditions under which many children in the developing word live and gave her a greater sense of the social responsibility to help. The trips–with the physical challenge of running at altitude–also gave her a real sense of determination and accomplishment as she saw herself get stronger with practice.  Finally–there is a good balance of supervision and independence on the STRIVE  trips–which enabled my daughter to develop greater self-confidence.” – Parent, STRIVE-Kenya 2010, STRIVE-Peru 2011


“Our daughter had a marvelous experience!!!!! and had so many interesting and fun things to tell us about the people she met, the way of life that she observed, the community service and spontaneous interactions she had with the local community, the experience of running at the high altitude centre and the group field trips she went on. Wow! Thank you for organizing such a great opportunity for our kids, truly an experience that she will remember for a lifetime.” – Parent, STRIVE-Kenya, 2010; STRIVE-Peru, 2011


“Our son had the adventure of a lifetime: he pushed himself physically on the Inca trail and through altitude training, he formed lifelong bonds with other participants. He happily and willingly tutored and played and bonded with the Peruvian students. I know this is something he will never forget. Our entire family feels very lucky to have been part of such an amazing experience!” – Parent, STRIVE-Peru 2011

“STRIVE provided our daughter all that she had hoped for…the experience of a different culture, the service, and the ability to train. What she did not imagine was the great friendships that she established with the other student athletes. Thank you for a phenomenal summer!” – Parent, STRIVE-Peru 2011


“Thank you so much for giving my son the most amazing memorable meaningful experience! I never imagined when he found this program the giant impact that being in Iten would have on him! His pictures and videos are beyond amazing! He will carry this journey with him forever! Thank you for all of your support and encouragement along the way!” – Parent, STRIVE-Kenya 2010


“Thank you so very much for a wonderful life experience. The boys had such a wonderful time on so many levels. The world is now a whole new place and I can see how it has already changed our son for the better. I know that a lot of works goes into the planning of such a trip and it went through to the end without a hitch. Send our thanks to the group leaders also, they took such good care of the group.” – Parent, STRIVE-Kenya 2010


“There are no words to describe our daughter’s sense of awe with regard to the hike to Machu Pichu. It far exceeded her expectations. The training facilities were wonderful and the natural backdrop to run outdoors was simply amazing. And, she willingly tried every new food placed in front of her – something she would never have done at home!” – Parent, STRIVE-Kenya 2010, STRIVE-Peru 2011