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Update: Feb. 28: The day has almost come! Stay tuned for more here. We’ll be streaming the event LIVE online via the link below (click the “Watch on LiveStream” button). Please don’t forget to support Ty and STRIVE in the effort to aid in the development of the STRIVE Community Center  in Peru and scholarships for deserving students!

Update Feb. 23: Ty doing “Ask Me Anything” Interview on! Visit the following link where you can submit your own questions or read Ty’s responses to others!

Ty will be answering questions live on Feb 23, 2014


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The stage is set! On March 1st at 10 a.m. Tyler Andrews will step onto the treadmill at Boston’s downtown Marathon Sports venue and make running history.  To do so, the elite athlete has to run a half marathon faster than the current world record of 1 hour 7 minutes and 29 seconds – a feat he’s accomplished more than once on the roads.

Why bother? In Tyler’s case there’s one clear reason – to raise awareness and funds for STRIVE Trips for Student Athletes, a youth program he co-founded for teens who want to train while immersing themselves in community development projects in Kenya and Peru. STRIVE also sponsors Tyler as a professional athlete. To support STRIVE’s current initiatives – including scholarships to bring disadvantaged student-athletes on STRIVE programs and the development of a community center in rural Peru, visit

Get involved! Come on down with your stopwatch and get ready for the show of a lifetime.  While you’re there you’ll also have plenty of time to chat with Tyler, get tips on training and nutrition, get an autograph and find out more about STRIVE and about Tyler’s debut marathon as an invite athlete at the Boston Marathon in April.

Or, lace up your sneakers and run while Tyler’s ticking off the miles. Upload your pics to FacebookTwitter or Instagram and we’ll have prizes waiting for a handful of lucky teens. More info to come in late February.


For more information or interviews with Tyler just fire off an email. We can’t wait to hear from you.